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1 to Infinity by Danny Goldfield

Join a team traveling across the United States with the quest to tell the stories of a girl or a woman every age starting with a 1 year old and going all the way up to infinity. You will meet people with views very different than your own. A small team will travel across the United States as a media production company on wheels for 115 days.  The stories will be about a person every age from different places, cultures, wealth, races, religions, and politics.

The challenge is to put together the best team. This is a list of possible categories of who can make the team.:

Narrative Video Editors
Multimedia Producers
Social Media Storytellers
Live Video Personalities
Short Video Makers
Documentary Filmmakers
Independent Journalists
Personal Stylists
Website Developers
Book Editors
Magazine Editors
Exhibition Curators
Event Planners

A 115 day surge of stories from across the country will connect people who are too far apart right now. 1 to Infinity will be be respectful and honor unique and worthy points of views of girls and women from everywhere. Story content can be broadcast in real time and also be bound together in a book, exhibition, movie, and other  forms of media.

There is a budget estimate sketched out for a 115-day itinerary through at least a dozen states from coast to coast. If you or someone you know has it for 1 to Infinity, please contact.


This is our moment of political outrage and confusion now we must seek new connections outside our own communities. This can be done with stories.

Many good people are actively resisting autocracy, plutocracy, and fascism. Yet, other good people have different fears and concerns. We all need to get out of our homes more; make an effort to get to know our neighbors and hope that they will get to know us better too.

1 to Infinity is inspired by the power and struggles of women. I attended the presidential inauguration speech live and stood in the rain with women Trump supporters who wept with joy. The next day I arrived at dawn for the program of speakers at the Women’s March on Washington and then marched with hundreds of thousands to the White House door. We need to establish new and improve existing connections with each other.

So why was it that I was taught growing up that it is impolite to ask a woman her age? Age is an indicator of experience and knowledge.  Contact me.