Danny Goldfield Projects

FAQ – worksheet

1 to Infinity in the United States of America by Danny Goldfield

What is 1 to Infinity?
1 to Infinity is an art project. It is a way to get to know a cross section of people in the United States of America without the weight of leading with anything political. We include girls and women every age from a range of places, cultures, wealth, races, religions, and politics.

1 to Infinity is a multimedia portrait project that includes one girl or woman, every age from a one year old all the way up to infinity (into the 100’s for sure), and all across the United States of America. 1 to Infinity is for the sake of reconciliation in a country that has become coarsened by a lack of understanding and listening.

What forms of media will be produced?

Who is doing 1 to Infinity?
Danny Goldfield is a photographer-filmmaker doing 1 to Infinity and is looking for a:
Video Editor
Producer with award-winning documentary interview skills

Which states will be included?
Already been to NY, MA, DC.  Considering crossing the country via PA, WV, TN, MS, LA, CO, WY, UT, NV, CA.

In May of 2017 cross west towards California for 30 days finding about 3 subjects per day until age 1 to 110 (or higher?) are included.  Then return east and revisit at 10 to shoot more and get to know them better.

What are the shoots like?
Easygoing. Your comfort is our priority. We want to be part of a moment or day in your life so we will travel to your home or anyplace you choose.

Why should I participate?
Participate to include your story in a project that connects girls or women every age all the way across the United States of America. Represent your age be part of the 1 to Infinity community.

How do we find and choose people for 1 to Infinity?
People contact while visiting this website or learn from another media channel. The most fun way is to show up in a community and start talking to people about the project at coffee shops, community centers, churches, hair & nail salons, police stations, etc. Most importantly, all are welcome. Our goal is to portray a full spectrum of emotions and life experiences.

Why is age highlighted in 1 to Infinity? Isn’t it impolite to ask a woman her age?
Age is highlighted because it is a common denominator that unites us all. Aging is an experience that all humans share. And it is not impolite to ask a woman her age because age is an indication of experience and wisdom, both celebrated attributes.

Why girls and women? And no boys and men?
The possibilities for all people everywhere will be infinite when women have an equal share of power and decision making. Right or wrong, let’s find out. 

Where to follow 1 to Infinity?
This website. Facebook, Instagram, others