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1 to Infinity in the United States of America by Danny Goldfield

What is 1 to Infinity?
1 to Infinity is a multimedia portrait series that will include one girl or woman, every age from a one year old all the way to infinity.

It started as a lark about aging, a quest for infinity, but has changed because of the recent seismic changes to our political landscape. 1 to Infinity seeks alternative insights into what the United States of America stands for today and what direction the country is taking. 1 to Infinity simply begins with age.

Why is age highlighted in 1 to Infinity
Everybody is doing it. We all age and observe others age. Age is a common denominator, and can be an indication of accomplishments, legacy, and wisdom.

Why girls and women? And no boys and men?
Imagine a world where women have an equal share of power in decision making. What would that be like? To help find out, 1 to Infinity presents this distinct collection of voices and stories.

Who is doing 1 to Infinity? Who is answering these questions? 
Danny Goldfield (me) started 1 to Infinity and is looking for input and collaboration with others.

Can anyone participate?
Yes, currently shooting in Cambridge MA. You just need to be an age that is not already included.

How do you find and choose people for 1 to Infinity?
The most fun way is to show up in a neighborhood and talk to new people about the project at a coffee shop, community center, church, salon, town hall, etc.  The goal is to include a variety of points of view, life experiences, and emotions.

What forms of media do you plan to capture?
360 Video

When in this happening?
Currently happening in Cambridge MA and New York City. Hope to travel to states mentioned above in Spring/Summer 2017.

What are the shoots like?
Easygoing. Start with photography holding a prop sign with age on it. Duration of shoot can vary from minutes to a few hours.

Why do 1 to Infinity?
Because any action that fosters reconciliation is needed now. The United States is divided and becoming coarsened by a lack of understanding and listening. 1 to Infinity tries to counter this trend.

Where to follow 1 to Infinity?
This website. Facebook,

Danny Goldfield