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1 to Infinity in the United States of America by Danny Goldfield

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What is 1 to Infinity?
1 to Infinity is a portrait series that will include one girl or woman, every age from a one year old all the way to infinity.

It started as a lark, an infinite treasure hunt, but has changed because of the recent seismic changes to the political landscape. 1 to Infinity seeks alternative insights into what the United States of America stands for today. 1 to Infinity approaches people without the weight of leading with anything political. Rather, it is about listening to other points of view on any topic.

Why is age highlighted in 1 to Infinity? It’s impolite to ask a woman her age, right?
Age is highlighted because it is a common denominator that connects us all. We all age. And no, it is not impolite to ask a woman her age. Age is an indication of experience and wisdom, both attributes to celebrate.

Why girls and women? And no boys and men?
Imagine infinite possibilities of a world where women have an equal share of power and decision making. What would that be like? To help find out, 1 to Infinity will make known more women’s voices and stories.

Who is doing 1 to Infinity? Who is answering these questions?
Photographer-Filmmaker, Danny Goldfield (me) started 1 to Infinity and is now looking for others to join the project.

Can anyone participate?
Yes1 to Infinity will include every age from any community. Right now looking for participants from various regions around the United States.

Which regions?
So far been to NY, MA, DC. Interested in going to meet new people in PA, OH, MI, WI, MS, LA, CO, WY, UT, NV, CA.

What forms of media will be produced?

Depart in late Spring 2017,  travel the country and find subjects until ages 1 to 110 (or higher?) are included.

What are the shoots like?
Start with photography where a prop with the number/age is held by the subject.  Video is recorded to learn more about the subject’s life and point of view.

How do you find and choose people for 1 to Infinity?
The most fun way is to show up in a community and start talking to new people about the project at coffee shops, community centers, churches, hair & nail salons, police stations, etc.  The goal is to include a variety points of view, life experiences, and emotions.

Because actions fostering reconciliation are needed in the United States of America. Most agree this is a divided country that is becoming coarsened by a lack of understanding and listening. 1 to Infinity will hopefully counter this trend and inspire others to seek out new people and unexpected connections.

Where to follow 1 to Infinity?
This website. Facebook, Instagram, others

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