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Frequently Asked Questions

1 to Infinity by Danny Goldfield is portraits of girls & women, every age, starting with a one year old an d going all the way up to infinity.

What is 1 to Infinity?
1 to Infinity is a portrait series that include girls & women, every age, starting with a one year old and going all the way up to infinity.

Who is doing 1 to Infinity? Who is answering these questions? 
Danny Goldfield  … Hi there!

What is happening now with 1 to Infinity?
September 2017 I began a fellowship with the MIT Open Documentary Lab. The first semester I did not try to make anything. Rather, I just listened and took in this amazing institute. I sat in on a spectrum of seminars, talks, and presentations. I am most excited about WebVR to show my portrait photography in new ways. It is now semester two and time to build some things.

Why do 1 to Infinity?
On November 18, 2016, shocked by Hilary Clinton’s election loss, I wrote an article about 1 to Infinity on Medium that was republished by Athena Talks. I was freaked out when I wrote that. Humans have gone with the men in the most influential positions of power long enough.  We now have the dual existential threats of climate catastrophe and nuclear war. I am ready to see where women can lead us.

Are you a ‘feminist’?
Sure. Microlenders prefer to loan money to women because women are more likely to follow through with their projects and repay the money. International development programs that educate girls and women lead to significant progress in a community’s overall social and economic development. When women lead, the possibilities for everyone are infinite.

What is that circle thing with the number everyone is holding?
In 2013, the round number holder was built at Jerard Studio in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  It was made for the Human Pagination Project for GOOD magazine’s issue 031: Human Possibility. GOOD’s assignment for me was to find, photograph, and interview 80 people, any gender, age 1 to 80.  For 1 to Infinity I repurposed this prop and some of the photographs.

Why is age highlighted in 1 to Infinity
Everybody is doing it.  Growing up I was told to never ask a woman her age. I get it. I can see reasons why any gender would be self conscious about their age. I also was taught that age can be an indication of  experience and wisdom so I simply think we should notice experience and wisdom wherever we can find it.

Can anyone participate?
Yes, anyone and anywhere. You need to be an age that is not already included. That’s all. Please contact if you are interested or have any suggestions.

Who is a woman?
Anyone who identifies as a woman is in. I won’t argue with you.

How do you find and choose people for 1 to Infinity?
I ask women how old they are. The goal is to include a variety of points of view and life experiences. I am willing to go anywhere.

When in this happening?
Currently happening in Cambridge MA. If possible, I will travel anywhere in the world to meet and include someone in 1 to Infinity if they are interested in participating.

What are the photo shoots like?
Easygoing. I like a day-in-the-life style photo session where the best locations can be discussed and chosen. In photos the subject holds the age number prop or it is placed somewhere in the photo or not shown. If you are interested in participating, please let me know.

Where to follow 1 to Infinity?
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